Red Ribbon Week! Dress up!!!

Monday 10/22

  • PJ- Day

Tuesday: 10/23

  • Twin Day

Wednesday 10/24

  • Crazy Hair Day

Thursday 10/25

  • Throwback day (dress from a different decade)

Friday 10/26 (Halloween Dance!!)

  • Wear all black

Monday 10/29

  • Sports Jersey Day

Tuesday 10/30

  • Wear all red or pink

Wednesday 10/31 (Halloween)

  • Wear your Halloween costume!! 

Room of Doom 2018


COL Sign-up's

7th & 8th Grade Parents

Sign-up for COL's



It is that time again! Celebrations of Learning (COL) for 7th and 8th graders will be held November 6th and 8th.  ALL 7th and 8th grader students are required to give a COL presentation on one of these days. Here are a couple of reminders and new items in signing up for COLs.


  • Students give their COL with a group of 4 students and families. It is customary and expected that parents and guardians attend the entire session.

  • When you sign up, there will be four sessions for a time slot. This can be very confusing. Pick the time slot (either Tuesday or Thursday, from 12:30-2:45 or 2:45-5:00), then choose which SESSION you would like to attend. The sessions are only 30 minutes in length, which gives student just enough time to present and get a little bit of feedback.

  • This year, instead of having translators, we are giving students the option to give their COL in their native language. This means that you might be in a session where multiple languages are spoken. We see this as an asset to our students and our community. It gives our students that speak more than one language the opportunity to shine in their native tongue, and parents the opportunity to truly engage in what their students do here at VIDA.


Thank you for your support and help with Celebrations of Learning. You are a valuable part of our school and we want to share our learning with you!


AP(P)EX Video (8th Grade)

6 Dimensions Product Design

Welcome to VIDA!

Welcome to VIDA!

We are a Magnet School serving Grades 6-8.

The theme of our school is to nourish the creative thinking skills of students and approach learning through the highly renowned Design Thinking process that will empower students to take what they have learned and apply those skills to create non-traditional solutions to yesterday's, today's, and tomorrow's problems.

We provide this design approach for innovation through:

STEM, Humanities, Creative Arts, Wellness, Electives

Find out more specifics in "About Us"



All Around Winner


2015 Honorable Mention

"Inspire Award"

VIDA & Thinkabit on FOX 5 News

Magnet Application Time!



Click HERE to access Further Learning Opportunities (FLO @ VIDA).

Language Lab

VIDA offers independent study World Language program as academic enrichment. Students will be able to access Spanish, German, French, Mandarin, or Latin. Students can access through their school-issued Chromebooks. CLICK HERE for details.

"Vida After VIDA"

Our Strengths-Based program for the future World of Work is launching! 


Click HERE for our 1st Video!


2015 & 2016 WINNER