Haunted Tales

By Nia Lopez & Thomas Allen


A great Halloween involves scary stories, and this week, people will be telling their most scariest experiences that just send the chills down your spines!


The Bloody Clown - Rylee O’Brien - 7th Grade

I was home alone, and I heard the doorbell ring. I thought it was a package, so I opened the front door and the gate opened by itself. I saw an axe move out from the side of the gate and then a clown with a bloody face creeped around the corner. I screamed and took off my shoe and threw it. Then, the clown took off his mask and I realized it was my best friend’s dad.


Lady Of The River

A lady told her children not to go down by the river because they didn't know how to swim. Her children ignored her advice and drowned in the river. If you go by the river at night, she’ll take you and drown you.


The Girl - Anonymous

In St. Martin de Crau, France, there is a small forest with a hidden house. Many people have tried to open it, but never could. It is said that there is a little girl who was killed in the house, and her body still lies there to this day.