Facilities Updates

We are so excited about the different Facilities projects that we have been, and will continue to undertake over the next few years!


1.  Student Restrooms - In VUSD's new funding model, referred to as LCAP, funds have been identified to refurbish our student bathrooms. Due to the impact of construction on bathrooms, and the permitting needed, this work will take place when school ends in June.


2.  Furniture - to meet the needs of young innovators, we know that the classroom space needs to be highly flexible and to allow for collaboration. We are in the process of buying new furniture for the entire 100 and 200 Wing classrooms. We have purchased furniture for the Learning Commons (aka: Library), and the iStudio. A lot of our furniture is custom made, so its production time is much longer. All currently ordered furniture should be in place by mid-September. 


3.   Murals - The walls of the schools have received a fresh coat of white paint! In addition, we will be working through our Design Labs, Arts classes, and After School program to paint murals and incorporate glass mosaics into the front of the school. This will be an on-going project that we are very excited about! We will also be including an opportunity for families to contribute to the glass mosaic efforts so that everyone can leave their mark on VIDA.


4.  iStudio - One of the central elements of the magnet theme for VIDA is to provide a special space for students to innovate. The Innovation Studio (iStudio) is similar to a "Maker Space" or "Tinkering Studio." Design Labs will rotate through the iStudio for a week at a time to participate in a special design project. VIDA has invested in dedicating a teacher to manage and run the iStudio who will plan and oversee the student projects in this space. Please click HERE for more information about the iStudio and household supplies & donations that we could use from families.


5.  Digital Fabrication Lab - *NEW* Also known as "Fab Lab," we have invested heavily in a special place on campus that houses a Mac Lab, 3-D Printers, CNC Mill, Laser Cutter, 3D Scanner, and HD video production cameras and editing software.


6.  Explorers Lab - *NEW* The Explorers Lab is special space dedicated to extra "messy" art activities. This space is for extra activities and opportunities between the regular school day and the after school program. 


7.  Front Office - The front office will have a temporary setup to ensure a closed campus and control access to the campus. The goal is over Summer Break 2015 to have the permanent construction of the front office completed. We will have the architect plans available in the front office so that everyone can imagine what the final "look" and setup will be.