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Sharks Weekly

Hello VIDA students! This is the Sharks Weekly newspaper. We are so glad that you took the time to catch up on the school's current events. Be sure to check back every week for the newest information on special events, cool trends, and more!   

What's Going On In This Picture?

What do you think is happening in the picture to the right? Is it just something ordinary or something with a suspicious background? Tell us what you think is going on in this picture at

Student of the Week

The Student Of The Week!                           


 Congrats, Yazmerli Castaneira you are the student of the week for (January 30-Feb 3)


We saw her around school and we saw her doing good things such as helping people in need and being nice. She helps her teacher and she does her homework and she is like a role model to her younger sister.


Her favorite sport is soccer because she has fun playing it with her friends and she finds it to be challenging she. She also loves to run. She's so fast that she is able to run a lap in one minute! When Yazmerli gets older she wants to become a fashion designer and have her own store full of her own fashions. She loves to design and draw.

Holiday Yays!

By: Mckenna Leonard and Gillian Pleysier


Hi Sharks! Its Kenna and G with your weekly wacky ( but still totally radical ) holidays. We usually tell you some super wacky holidays, but we also inform you on our original holidays.


Monday was Frozen Yogurt Day! FRO-YO!! Tuesday was Ballet Day! Ballerinas are so elegant and graceful, their legs are so skinny I feel like they would snap if they fell, That's just what my opinion. Wednesday was……………….Laugh And Get Rich Day?? What kind of holiday is that? “Hahahaha, I’m rich!” seriously. Thursday was( drum roll please ) Pizza Day! I love Pizza! The doughy crust, warm stretchy cheese, and the perfectly cooked pepperoni, I know my mouth is watering too. Friday is Umbrella Day! I wonder who invented the umbrella? It's so useful. Saturday! Saturday is going to be Single Day! This is my day and all the other single pringles day too! Sunday is marriage day! Is it a coincidence that Saturday is Single Day and Sunday is Marriage Day? Is it just me or did you notice it too?









Frozen Yogurt Day

Ballet Day

Laugh And Get Rich Day

Pizza Day!

Umbrella Day!

Single Day!

Marriage Day



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