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Fun Facts and Quizzes

Hey VIDA Sharks, it's Faris, Meghan, Nathan, and Maximus here with cool fun facts & quizzes! Today like every other Monday of the year we are going to have more fun facts and quizzes. Hope you enjoy!


Fun Facts

Fun Fact Number 1: 70% of millionaires surveyed do not consider themselves "wealthy."

Fun Fact Number 2: The co-owner of Macy's died on the Titanic. He refused to get in a lifeboat before women and children, and his wife refused to leave without him. They were last seen standing on the deck, arm in arm.

Fun Fact Number 3: 46 people in the United States have a last name that's 16 characters or longer, with Aghubgharehptiannej being one of the most common.

Fun Fact Number 4: The green falling code in "The Matrix" movie is just loads of sushi recipes.

Fun Fact Number 5: French entertainer Michel Lotito ate a whole Cessna airplane and was awarded a bronze plaque by the Guinness Book of World Records. He was so honored that he ate the plaque.


The link to the quizzes is here

Sharks Weekly

Sharks Weekly

Hello VIDA students! This is the Sharks Weekly newspaper. We are so glad that you took the time to catch up on the school's current events. Be sure to check back every week for the newest information on special events, cool trends, and more!   

Wacky Holiyays!

Wacky Holidays

Hello sharks! Its Stephanie, Makenna, and Jada with your Wacky Holidays This week it’s November 26th- December 2nd


November 26th : Cake Day, What did the cake say to the fork? Want a piece of me!!!


November 27th : Pins and Needles Day

Thank goodness its not also haystack day!!!


November 28th : French Toast Day

Heres Peace and Love to all the World, A Toast


November 29th : Square Dancing Day

Do Squares really dance?


November 30th : Stay Home Because You're Well Day

What If I am sick… Do I still go to Work?


December 1st : Eat A Red Apple Day

What kind of apple is not an apple a PINEapple!!



December 2nd : Fritters Day

Never Quitting on Fritters!!!


Special Events

~ Special Events ~


Winter Design expo -12/07/17

ASB Movie Night - 12/15/17

Basketball Tryouts - 11/28/17


Winter Design expo

The Winter expo is Thursday, December 7. The expo will start at 6:00 pm in and outside the gym. There will also be food at 5:30 pm. Students will be selling handmade items they created in class. There will be a lot of stations to look at. There will also be pull toys that students have built from scratch.


ASB Movie Night

ASB is holding a movie night for students, and parents who have spare time on Friday, December 15. The movie that will be playing is not yet known.


Basketball Tryouts

Boys’ basketball tryouts were held on Tuesday this week, and the results will be released on Thursday, November 28.


Vida Advice Column


Dear VIDA students,

      If anyone needs advice be sure to check out the boxes around school labeled Advice Column and put a slip of paper with your problem written on it.  Please make sure that your piece of paper is anonymous so no one else would know who wrote it, only you. Once you have written your paper, put it in the Advice Column box. We will try to answer your problem as soon as possible!

      -Miss Advice


Advice Column

*IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER- Starting the week of December 4 the advice column will no longer be part of the VIDA newspaper and it will be replaced with Mysterious Music where you can anonymously put a song or a certain lyric in the newspaper and dedicate it to someone special such as a friend or a secret crush. You can write your song or lyric on a piece of paper in the library and put it in a box that will be sitting on the librarian's desk.  Thank you*


Dear Miss Advice,

“My classes are good for me now but I'm really scared that when I go into high school that I will fail all of my classes.”

              -8th grader

Dear 8th grader,

Thank you for submitting a question. I think that if you are doing fine in your classes now than you have nothing to worry about. High school won’t start of with 50 pounds of homework and problems you've never seen before, they will slowly bring you into it. I don't think you have anything to worry.

-Ms. Advice


Dear Miss Advice,

“How do I take my sister's sweater secretly?”

             -8th grader

Dear 8th grader,

Thank you for giving a question you would like us to answer. Well first of all, you shouldn’t take her sweater, but if it’s just cause it’s cold I recommend a blanket. If it is cause it’s cute well you could wake up in the middle of the night and slowly peel it off from where it was hanging, then slip it under the covers with you. I mean you could get a job and buy your own.

-Ms. Advice


Dear Miss Advice,

“I think my teacher hates me but I can't figure out why and I can't really ask her.”

              -7th grader

Dear 7th grader,

Thank you for giving us something to write too. I can assure you that no teachers here at VIDA do not hate any of their students. Maybe she just pushes you because she sees that you can work a lot harder than you are and you have more potential than you are reaching.

-Ms. Advice


Dear Miss Advice,

“My friend keeps eating my lunch, so I don’t have anything to eat.”

            -6th grader

Dear 6th grader,

Thank you for submitting a question. I recommend you tell them to stop or eat their lunch. If it continues to happen and they don’t have a lunch try telling the lunch lady or sitting away from them when you eat your lunch.

-Ms. Advice