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Fun Facts and Quizzes

Hey VIDA sharks, it's Faris, Meghan, Nathan, and Maximus here with cool fun facts & quizzes! From now until the end of the year, we are going to share some fun facts with you. You can take some quizzes as well to learn some things you never knew about. Hope you enjoy!


Fun Facts

Fun Fact #1

Pennies have been made with primarily zinc instead of copper since 1983.

Fun Fact #2

In 16th century England, bacon was used to refer to all kinds of pork.

Fun Fact #3

There are 28,944,400 square miles in Texas.

Fun Fact #4

The average American may consume more than 4,500 calories from a holiday dinner.

Fun Fact #5

Purple was originally the normal pigment of carrot.

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Sharks Weekly

Sharks Weekly

Hello VIDA students! This is the Sharks Weekly newspaper. We are so glad that you took the time to catch up on the school's current events. Be sure to check back every week for the newest information on special events, cool trends, and more!   

Wacky Holiyays!

Wacky holiyays!


       Hey sharks! It’s Madi, Makenna, Stephanie, and Jada with your weekly wacky holiyays. This weeks holiyays are…….


June 4th: Hug Your Cat Day

Why are cats the best pets?

Because they're purr-fect


June 5th: Running Day

Why is Cinderella so bad at soccer?

She always runs away from the ball!


June 6th: Yo-Yo Day


June 7th: Chocolate Ice Cream Day

What do you call a sheep covered in chocolate?

A chocolate baaaaa!


June 8th: World Ocean Day

What did the ocean say to the sun?

Nothing it just waved!


June 9th: Worldwide Knit in Public Day

Children are small until you have to cover one in knitting!


June 10th: Ballpoint Pen Day

What do you get when you cross a dog and a pen?

Ink spots!



Special Events

Special Events


8th grade Carnival/BBQ - June 6

Minimum days ~ June 5 - 7

Last day at school ~ June 7



8th grade carnival and BBQ

Hey, 8th graders! On June 6th you will be having a carnival and BBQ! Enjoy this as it is the day before school ends.


Minimum Day

Minimum days are June 5th - June 7th.


Last Day of School

Make sure to have fun on your last day of school especially 8th graders. Good luck 8th grades in high school. It is also a minimum day.


Mystery Music


Welcome students, teachers, parents etc… This is Mystery Music, to have a song contributed to this page then go to the library and look for our box called Mystery Music. There are directions right under the box that say, write a song or song lyric on a piece of paper dedicating it to someone such as a friend, boyfriend/girlfriends, crush, favorite teacher, parent, staff, etc…. Then after that's written on the paper you can either make it anonymous by putting just the song and the dedication or by putting your  name on it and putting the piece of paper in the box.


Song: “ Remember This”

To: Alondra Pimentel


Song: “The Duck Songs”

To: Jenny


Song: “Free Bird”

To: Melissa Soria


Song: “Helpless”

To: Alice Schulz


Song: “Dancing Girl“

To:  Belen Hernandez