"Vida After VIDA"

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"Vida After VIDA!" This is our Strengths-based program and approach to preparing students for their future World of Work. On this site will will house the video series requested by parents, versus coming into school for meetings. We will release a regular series of videos highlighting information, and also efforts at school that specifically pertain to these topics.

Video 1: Introduction

"Our Plan"

This is where we will share the plan for "Vida After VIDA" with families! Release with Video 3 so everything makes sense and ties together for those who did not attend the Keynote Kickoff in the Fall.

Video Topics:

Video 1: Introduction


Video 2: SD Workforce Partnership, Priority Sectors and Essential Skills


Video 3: "Vida After VIDA" - what it means at school


Video 3: Strengths, Interests & Values


Video 4: Interview with Ed Hidalgo


Video 5: Interview with a High School Senior


Video 6: The "Gig Economy" / The "Innovation Economy"


Video 7: Talent Cities and Matching Talent Supply with Talent Consumers


Video 8: Deeper Learning experiences


Video 9: Response to Parent Needs Assessment


Intuitive Aritificial Intelligence