Sports Article


By: Julie and Natalie


   Hello Sharks!! This is Nathalie and Julie with a new sports article. This week's topic is..Pickleball! Pickleball is a paddle sport that combines elements such as badminton,tennis, and table tennis. This game started during the summer of 1965 on Bainbridge Island, Washington, at the home of former state representative Joel Pritchard. The size of the court is 20 x 44 feet for both doubles and singles. The net is hung at 36 inches on the ends, and 34 inches at the center.


   In Mrs.King's P.E class they are starting pickleball. To start off, they learn all the rules about safety and how to play the actual game and then practice with a partner. They then get their groups chosen by Mrs.King, or choose themselves. The groups usually consist of 4-6 players. This game is played at the courts and the style of the game is usually king of courts. Which is if they win, they stay at the first court or move closer to the first court, and if they lose they go down until the players eventually make it to the last court

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