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Student of the Week

Student of the Week #11

Ashlyn Frakes

Grade 8


By Harshada Palanikkamar

Ashlyn Frakes


This week’s student is… Ashlyn Frakes! She is an 8th grade student at Vista Innovation and Design Academy. She is new to VIDA, but was able to become friends with a numerous amount of people because of her friendliness and sense of humor. Ashlyn has an endearment basketball and is very strong at it. Due to her being 5’ 8”, that is one of her advantage for playing basketball. She does Elite Dynasty Travel Basketball and sometimes becomes a member with the school basketball. She also participated in many basketball tournaments with her teams. One of her hidden talents is spinning a basketball on her finger. She is majorly inspired by Stephen Curry, one of America's top, most iconic players. He is famous for his unique attitude, great shots, and enthusiasm toward basketball. What makes it even harder to believe is that he is a young, athletic, hilarious basketball player who is also a father.

One of Ashlyn’s favorite colors is light pink because she thinks it's,“hot.” She owns a pitbull boxer mix dog, but if she owned her dream pet, it would be a tortoise. She would love to travel to Hawaii to learn the new cultures and rituals, or just to relax on the the preprocessing beach. Her favorite rapper is Post Malone because of his well crafted songs. In 6th grade and 7th grade, she attended Madison Middle School. She switched to VIDA in hoping that she would seek better friends and place a great spot on our basketball team. She has a very outgoing family with her siblings, Angel, Avarey, Bastian, and Arlengtyn. Angel, her older sister is a student at Rancho Buena Vista High School. Her younger sister Avarey is a 7th grader at VIDA. Bastion, her younger brother is in elementary school, and Arlengtyn, her baby sister is not in school.



What’s Trending?

By: Brianna Chase and Maki Schwalbe

Week of 2/12-2/16


     Welcome back fellow Vida students. This week’s items  on the “What’s Trending” article are jacket on jacket layers and tie-dye clothing. So first up is the jacket on jacket layering. You basically put on a sweatshirt and put on a jacket of you choice. The most common that people put on are usually jean jackets. It is super fashionable for boys and girls, which is why they enjoy wearing it often. Next up is tie dye clothing. Tie Dye is a process of where you turn a boring fabric into a colorful and bright piece of fabric. You can buy it from stores, but it is more fun to do it by yourself. You may use any colors you would like and it’s a very solo step by step project,that it is easy enough to do at home. Thanks for reading our article about what's Trending at Vida. Tune in for next week’s article for “What’s Trending” Thanks :)

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