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Student of the Week

Student of the Week

December 4-9

This week is BROOKLYN GARZA!

Some of Brooklyn’s interests are hanging with her friends, researching medical information and writing. Her favorite hobbies are surfing, riding her bike and sleeping. Brooklyn favors the subjects language arts and physical education during school. Lastly, her least favorite thing to do is long distance running in hot weather. We have chosen Brooklyn because she is smart kind and fun to be around.


Article by: Lily McLeod

Picture by: Harshada Palanikkmuer




What’s Trending

By: Brianna Chase, Lily Roundtree, and Makenzie Schwalbe


Hey VIDA students, and welcome back from Thanksgiving Break. This week there are some more items getting trendy at VIDA. This week’s trends are oversized sweaters and cross X tops.  Let’s start off with oversized sweaters. As the colder season is progressing, sweaters are becoming the popular clothing choice. Oversized sweaters are knitted garments that are worn like jackets with long sleeves. Oversized sweaters are only different from normal sweaters because they are just a tad bigger so that they cover more of your body. These kinds of sweaters are most likely popular right now because they are fashionable, they cover more of your body to keep you warm during the colder seasons and they come in so many different designs and patterns. The next trend is cross X tops. These kinds of tops have been very stylish and people have been loving them. It is a T-shirt with a X cut out at the very top of it. As these shirts are becoming more and more popular it is more students number one choice.  These trends are getting the attention of other kids and are spreading all over VIDA. Students would like for these trends to stay at VIDA during the cold seasons.