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Student of the Week

Student Of The Week

Chole Tabares

This week’s amazing student is a cool seventh grader that you may have scene in VIDA’s very own musicals, last years Annie production and this years lion king show. Chloe has been in theater science third grade! She also plays a spot that you might play… Basketball! She has been in basketball for 5 seasons and is also in girl scouts.



Teacher of the Week

Teacher of the Week #10




Mrs. Buckley!


This week's teacher is Mrs. Buckley! She is a 8th grade Language Arts and History teacher. She also teaches the class, yearbook! She teaches 8th grade Language Arts because she was assigned to it but it is fine because she loves language Arts. For history, she teaches it because she is fascinated by it and loves learning the origins. At Washington, yearbook was just a club so Mrs. Buckley and her friend decided to make it a class and it had stuck. She taught at Washington Middle School from 2008 and she still teaches at VIDA Middle School. Mrs. Buckley loves to travel and goes to concerts. Her favorite spot she went to was Ireland. When she was around our age, she was an average student, but when she entered college, she exceeded.





What’s Trending?

By: Brianna Chase and Maki Schwalbe


Hello fellow students and parents and thank you for reading our article, “What’s Trending?” This week’s items are bandanas and checkered vans. Let’s first start off with bandanas. Bandana’s are medium sized squares and you roll them up and tie them around your head to create a headband. Not only this but bandanas also can sometimes be worn around your neck like scarfs do. Just like other pieces of fabric, bandanas can come in many colors and patterns to make them more stylish and so they can fit in with your personality. Next up is checked vans. These shoes come from the brand “VANS” which is very, very popular over this last year and has gained a lot of popularity over a certain style. At first,the original black and white vans were the ones that everyone was wearing and after a few weeks, the new style that was trending was the “checkered vans.” These vans come in a select number of colors, however certain colors are getting more attention than some. Some that we have seen around VIDA lately have been red checkered vans,black checkered vans,plain white vans, and black plain vans. It’s a trend that was at first pretty surprising to see going around because vans these days are not cheap. These shoes today at around 50-60 dollars a piece. That’s all for today. Thanks for tuning in today. The year is ending, and this is our last article! Thank you so much  for reading our articles of, “What’s Trending?” and we will see you next year! From the “What’s Trending” article team, we hope you all have a wonderful summer and next school year. Bye! :)


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