Student Life

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Student of the Week

Student of the Week


This week’s Student of the week is Emily Juarez!


     “Dogs definitely, specifically German shepherds,” as Emily answers to the question of what her favorite dog is.


     Emily is an amazing 7th grader who is 13 years old and enjoys physical education. She loves to hang out with her family because she could be herself and have a good time! Emily also enjoys going to amusement parks with her mom, dad, and siblings such as, Disneyland and Universal Studios. Her favorite color is aqua blue because it reminds her of the ocean. Emily also enjoys watching football, especially watching her brother play for the vista panthers. GO PANTHERS!!!


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Teacher of the Week

Teacher of the Week #4




Ms. Adler!




This weeks teacher is Ms. Adler! She is a student teacher for Mrs. Crews. She wants to be a Math teacher and want to teach 6th, 7th, or 8th grade. When she was young her favorite subjects were Math and Science and she was very talkative and friendly. She want to become a teacher in Fall of 2018. Her most read book is Twilight and her favorite movie is Charlie’s Angel. She loves to eat so she works of to burn off the fat, then she eat and burn off the fat and this is her daily life. The best quote she heard was “Mistakes are expected, and respected, and corrected.” Her favorite food is french fries and chocolate chip cookie.





What’s Trending?

By: Brianna Chase and Maki Schwalbe

Week of 4/16-4/20 2018


Welcome back to another week of the “What’s Trending” article. This week’s trendy items at VIDA are the meme of Mason Ramsey also known as the “yodeling Walmart kid” and  the hairstyle of wavy hair. To start off with, is the yodeling Walmart kid. Basically, this meme started as a video that was of a young boy yodeling in the public place of Walmart and it very rapidly became viral and became a meme. It's trending around VIDA because everyone either imitates the meme or just brings it up in general. Next up is the very popular hairstyle of wavy hair. Most people have a natural hair look and so to have a change they make their hair wavy with braids or curl their hair. This is what is trending among VIDA students this last week. Thanks for tuning in for this week's ¨What's Trending” article.


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