Student Life

Design Labs: Design and Modeling

This design lab is taught by Mr. Brinker. In this class, they use blocks to create drawings on isometric graphs, make shoes out of trash for people with cerebral palsy from the i-Studio using their creative minds. We interviewed Cassandra Hayes and Michael Solari, and here is their input on their design lab.


How do you think Design and Modeling can help you in your future?

I think this design lab can help me if for instance when I grow up and want to build something for people or making shapes. - Michael Solari


How do you like this design lab?

I love my design lab, I have so much fun! I love creating things and brainstorming. - Cassandra Hayes

What's Trending?

By: Arlene Rivera


Led Light Shoes: These are the type of shoes that at the sole, they light up. Both of the shoes have a button inside where you turn them on and so they stay on until you wanna turn them off.

Putting weird objects in slime: People have not been only playing with slime, but putting things into slime. You can put any kinds of objects as long as there not that big. For example foam, small toys, sprinkles, small plastic toys etc.

Advice Column

Jayden & Elizabeth Martinez


I have a boyfriend and I'm in love with someone else. What should I do?

Elizabeth- Just think it through if you truly like the person.

Jayden: Follow your heart, but it's best to break up with you boyfriend or girlfriend.


What should I do if I have a bad grade and try but can't get it up?

Jayden: If you think it's the teacher, then go to a different teacher. If it's because you are not doing good then get a friend to help.

Elizabeth- Then you might fail. Oops.


What would happen if I put a bag of chips in a microwave?

Elizabeth- It would shrink.

Jayden: Break the microwave, why would you even do that?


Why can’t kids have jobs?

Jayden: To be honest, I don't know, but I think that some kids showed work.

Elizabeth- Ask the government. I'm just a teen writing an article


What is high school going to be like?

Elizabeth- I don't know. I'm about to find out.

Jayden: To be honest I'm nervous but it's all on the person.


Why can't we make our own class?
Jayden: It would take a lot of work and might not able to have the class?

Elizabeth- It would be the weirdest classes ever.