We are excited that we have hosted 5,000+ visitors since August 2014.

We believe in being open source about practices & resources, and we are excited to share our story! We are also excited to learn from others as we continue to grow & reiterate our practices.


We run tours Tuesday - Friday.

We run both Educator Tours & Prospective Family Tours.

Educator Tours run from September - December and March - May 15th.

Family Tours run from January - February to coincide with the VUSD Magnet Application window. We understand that missing class time for prospective students is difficult, but we insist that to "feel" and "see" if a school is truly the best fit for a student, they need to actually see students in action.

The beginning time varies dependent upon the needs of the group. Typically tours begin at either 9:15am  and end at 11:45am.

Due to the high volume of guests on campus, we typically only tour our Design Lab classes. One could imagine the negative impact of an average of 1,000 guests a year touring core content areas. Visits to core content area classrooms are typically reserved for:

  • The Press & Filmakers
  • Regional, State & National Dignitaries
  • National & Industry Partnerships
  • University Researchers