VIDA is 1 of 8 schools in the nation that received a major grant giving us an iPad for every student and teacher in the school. This is a called a 1:1 program (one device for every student). The iPads are checked out to students, like a textbook, and the students take their iPads back and forth from school everyday. For 2015-16 school year, all students will also have 5 gigabytes per month of 4G LTE (cellular) service enabled on their iPads . This means students can always be connected to the Internet doing research, exploring and collaborating.


The core of our magnet experience is through unique opportunities specifically designed for students to develop their creativity, provide them technical skills & experience, or to actively engage in the Design Thinking process. Such Design Labs themes include: Origami, Sculpture/Ceramics, Improvisation and Acting, Entrepreneurship, Architecture, Rocketry & Flight, Robotics, Psychology, Computer Technologies, Video Production, Photography, Jr United Model United Nations, Ecology, Coding, Creative Writing, Photography, Scrapbooking, Spoken Word/Poetry, Sea Perch Robotics, Hacker Scouts, Graphic Novels, and more!

Through these Design Labs, students participate in rotations for different experiences that build their strengths as designers and innovators. Planned rotations for 2015-16 include: iStudio (Maker Space), Imagery Artworks Studio, Speech & Presentation Skills.


At the center of our campus is a 1334 sq foot space where students are encouraged to explore, create, play, tinker, try and make as they explore innovative design efforts.


6th grade students will gradually assimilate into middle school by interacting with other grades before school, after school, and in their Elective or Intervention classes. Each grade level has a separate lunch period, separate Design Lab period, and 6th grade students will all be scheduled into 6th grade PE together.


Our schedule allows students a "touching-base" time once a week to help anchor students with a caring adult on campus. This also allows a dedicated time for activities such as assemblies, awards presentations, trainings, and information sharing without taking away from instructional time!


We offer an inclusive magnet model for all students. We offer robust, engaging and exciting course offerings in the S.T.E.M. subjects, the Humanities, and the Creative Arts. Like the most successful design firms in the world, we believe in the brilliance of joining together the minds, strengths and talents of diverse people in order to create the richest learning experience possible for students.


As an aspect of design, we offer a unique and innovative Physical Education experience for students. Because of our block schedule, we are able to revolutionize the way "PE" is approached and make a true Wellness experience. Our teachers are Certified CrossFit instructors and also Water Safe Certified, as well as Water Aerobic certified. Students will utilize iPads to design menus, track personal levels of activity, and proportions of nutrient intake.


As part of our Creative Arts, we are equipped with to offer students Glass Mosaic as a design and creative arts medium. All students rotate through this space as part of their Design Lab class every quarter for this unique experience.


Our school is actively working with the STEM Center at Cal State San Marcos to expose students to the opportunities that exist for studying Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math and the career doors that open by doing so. CSUSM STEM Ambassadors will come to our campus monthly to conduct experiments and lab experiences with our students. In addition, Quarterly trips will be set up to take students to CSUSM and engage in hands-on science activities under the guidance of university professors.


We offer a hybrid block schedule to maximize the learning time for all students. The schedule provides the necessary time for teachers and students to dig deep into their learning experiences. Students will see all of their teachers on Late Start Mondays, and then they will see their teachers every other day Tuesday-Friday. The exception is the student's Design Lab teacher. Design Labs meet 5 days a week.