As part of our Design process, we are constantly reflecting on how we do things, and making changes to best fit our goals. As we enter our 3rd year, we have learned much about the types of students that are attracted to our creative environment. The "Dress Code" that existed in Years 1 & 2 was created before VIDA was open, and was replicated from another successful magnet middle school.

For Year 3, we have relaxed some of the restrictions of the original Dress Code. This has been thoughtfully done to better accommodate the individuality and creative flair of many of our students. This will better accommodate students who wish to design and make their own clothing, etc.

We believe this version of VIDA Dress will be easier to enforce and assist with consistency across campus.

Dress Code


The VIDA Faculty believes that school is a serious endeavor, and in the safety of all students and staff. VIDA Dress has 5 main components to help match these beliefs:

1. SHIRTS, SWEATSHIRTS, JACKETS & ALL OUTERWEAR - "VIDA, College, Collared, Patterned, or Plain." On any day, students are allowed to wear shirts that are either official VIDA shirts, any college or university shirt, a collared shirt, a shirt with a pattern on it, or a plain shirt. Shirts without collars may be crew necks, V-necks, etc. Other than VIDA or College shirts, clothing may not have large pictures, large screen prints, messages, words, large emblems, large embroidery, etc. Small brand emblems on the chest will typically be okay.

2. DRESSES - Students may wear dresses . Student do not need to wear a collar in any way with a dress. Dresses must be of modest length and have appropriate sized straps (no bra straps may show, spaghetti straps are not allowed, etc.). Dresses, like shirts need to follow the same guidelines: VIDA, College, Pattered, or Plain.

3. HATS - Hats are allowed as a way to protect student skin from the sun . Hats follow the same rules as shirts. VIDA, College, Patterned or Plain. This means no Pro Team hats, no Little League hats with a large emblem, etc.

4. Lanyards and ID - Every person on campus will wear their Identification Card on a Lanyard around their neck. Students will be issued an official VIDA Lanyard for the year. Students may choose to bring their own lanyards that represent their individuality, interests and hobbies. These lanyards must not promote violence, drugs, or inappropriate behaviors. Students are allowed to customize their VIDA Lanyards, or personal lanyards with buttons, pins, etc of their choosing. "Breakaway" lanyards will be provided for all students and employees. All visitors to the school will be checked in through the front office and must wear an official Guest ID on a school lanyard at all times.

5. Additional Dress Code requirements that match traditional rules of conduct at VUSD middle schools will apply. For example: pants must be worn around the waist, shorts and skirts must be a modest length, appropriate footwear is required, etc.

-- Dress Up Days: Throughout the year, ASB will sponsor Dress Up days, or weeks with a theme. Students dressing up and participating in these activities are exempt from VIDA Dress, except for issues of modesty, and required footwear. Remember that real, fake/replica weapons are never allowed.



VIDA, College, Collared, Pattered, or Plain

The purpose of the VIDA dress code is to have students look the part of a more corporate environment.

Pants (including slacks and jeans):

  • Sized to fit. Sagging of pants is not permitted.
  • Free of all wording, pictures, studs, etc.
  • Free of holes or slits and must be hemmed without fraying, ripped shredded, etc.

Shorts and Skirts/Skorts and Dresses must be:

  • Sized to fit. Sagging is not permitted.
  • Free of all wording, pictures, studs, etc.
  • Appropriate length and hemmed.
  • Dress straps must be an appropriate size and cover bra straps. No strapless or spaghetti straps are ever allowed.

Jackets/Coats, Shoes:

  • Jackets, coats, sweatshirts, etc need to be: VIDA, College, Patterned or Plain.
  • Shoes with soles must be worn. Acceptable footwear includes tennis shoes, loafers, flats, pumps and dress shoes. All shoes requiring shoelaces must be laced and tied appropriately. House shoes, shower shoes, and thongs/flip-flops, sandals, slippers, open-toed shoes, spiked heels and steel-toed shoes are not allowed.


  • Clothing must cover the waistline.
  • Undergarments can not be visible.
  • Clothing should not be excessively tight or sheer.
  • In general, clothing must be clean, modest, and in good repair.

Basic Guidelines for Dress Code Safety and Respect:

These include, but are not limited to:

  • NO jewelry or accessories that display studs, spikes, replica weapons, or drug paraphernalia, or which may pose a threat to student safety such as toe rings or large hoop earrings.
  • NO wallet chains which are longer than 6 inches.
  • NO hairnets, "do-rags", wave caps, bandanas, hoods, beanies, visors, or other head coverings except sun-protective wear specifically approved by school officials. ALL approved head wear will be removed when student is inside the classroom or other buildings.
  • NO pajamas will be worn on campus expect for specific days designated by ASB as Pajama Day.
  • NO unhemmed shorts.
  • NO extra-long T-shirts worn on the outside.
  • NO "heelies" or shoes with wheels on the bottom.
  • NO plaid shirts worn on the outside and buttoned at the neck.
  • NO belts with metal buckles that have initials stamped on or through them.
  • NO long belts with the end hanging down in front.
  • NO pants which are slit or frayed at the cuff.
  • NO bandanas hanging from pockets or clothing.
  • NO excessively oversized, baggy or sagging pants, or pants that drag on the ground.
  • NO articles personalized with drug-related writing, names symbols or gothic lettering.
  • The principal or designee maintain authority to declare any new specific attire as inappropriate, working in conjunction with the local sheriff or district officials. If any item is added to the dress code list, all students/families will be duly notified (e.g. student bulletin, parent newsletter, etc.)



We call the official VIDA attire "Shark Skins." Shark Skins may be purchased from ASB, and in Student Services. We are currently developing an on-line purchasing process. In addition to student clothing, we offer adult and sport attire as well. Students, parents, and staff may purchase shirts, sweatshirts,, hats, and beach towels.