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DT Cards

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The following are a resource that we put together to help guide you through the VIDA Design Thinking process. We would like the thank Kim Saxe at the Nueva School, and the Stanford University Institute of Design (d.School) for their inspiration in creating these, and the resources that we have gained from them.

(Version 4; 2019; In Revision)

VIDA DT Posters

(Version2; 2018)


At VIDA, it is our intention to share as many resources with other educators as possible. We have built our school upon the great ideas and inspirations from others to build a fabric for which we are very excited. Our Design Thinking Cards are an example of this.

While we have put some of our own flair and insight into the cards, we borrowed the idea of Design Thinking Cards from Kim Saxe at the Nueva School in Hillsborough, Ca. In addition, many of the insights and foundation for the information in our cards have come from Kim Saxe's work, as well as the d.School at Stanford University.

We are excited to have created our own take on what these pioneers of Design Thinking in Education have created, and we are anxious to share our work with others. The hope is that by being open about resources with one another, that iterations will continue to happen, and the entire K-12 Design Thinking community with grow and strengthen, for the benefit of students, because of it. This will allow for better and deeper learning and for more innovations to occur.