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Steering Commitee


The VIDA Steering Committee is the group that has been primarily responsible for designing the VIDA Magnet Theme and Program. They are the primary supports for the rest of the Founding Faculty, and they ensure that a variety of perspectives are brought to the planning of our new school. The assembled team represents a rich group of professional educators, eager to design and who have been highlighted as innovators within their field.


The ORIGINAL VIDA Steering Committee is made up of several teachers and administrators from different backgrounds. Time has gone by and some of these Founders have moved on, but we keep their names here as a record and honor to what they helped to design for our community. #WeAreVIDA

Eric Chagala, Co-Chairperson, Principal of VIDA

Ellen Crews, Co-Chairperson, Teacher for VIDA

Cindy Anderson, Provost for VIDA

Annette Wilson, Teacher for VIDA

Heather Williams, Teacher for VIDA

Timothy Hutchinson, Teacher for VIDA

Angela Townsend, Teacher for VIDA

Darlene Painter, Teacher for VIDA

Krissy Boian, Teacher for VIDA

Jennifer Gray, Teacher for VIDA