Hello students! This is week 20 of Student Life with Tyler. I hope you had an amazing break! The 8th grade field trip to New York has now ended. The yearbook is now finished. Make sure you buy your yearbooks quick because they are almost out. Whoever's in the yearbook more than once that haven't bought it should of gotten a slip that says where you can buy it.


Sam Jorgenson is student of the week. Sam is a funny, smart, and kind person. His favorite thing about VIDA is how it is a design school. His favorite subject is Math and in his free time, he likes to read and play video games. When Sam grows up, he wants to be an architect. His best friends are Cameron, Tyler, Jackson, and Caiden. Sam came to VIDA because he could walk home and he was interested in design. During lunch, Sam talks with his friends and sits at the tables in the 300s wing.


The teacher of the week is…

Mr. Ludwig has been teaching here at VIDA for four years. He has taught at Ivy Academy School for one year before switching here at VIDA. He went to Cal State San Marcos to get his dimpla. When Mr. Ludwig has free time he is always enjoys being outdoors especially being on the beach or hiking. When Mr.Ludwig was little he wanted to become a businessman but though it was too serious for him so he decided to become a teacher.


Lucas Julien is in the spotlight! Lucas Julien is a 7th grade student here at Vida. what he does when he is bored is he draws a lot because likes to be artistic, he said that this drawing was not his best artwork but he is still proud of it. He created this piece in about 20 minutes which is very surprising because of how good it is. His inspiration was to use random items that popped into his head and create an amazing collage with them.


This week's trend are Airpods! Many students are buying Airpods and some kids already have them. It has become a trend where everyone is saying how people with Airpods are rich and people with wired are not rich. It has became a fight about how wired is better than Airpods or Airpods are better than Wire!