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Student Life

Student Life

Hello VIDA sharks! It's Gabriel here, coming at you with another Student Life article. COL’s are coming up, so you better get writing. Spring break is coming up, so we all get a break, but until then we’re in for more rain.



Jaime Mendez is student of the week. He is a funny, cool, and very energetic person. He came to VIDA because he already had friends who here who said it was a great school. His favorite thing about VIDA is his friends. His best friends are Rylee and Axel. At lunch, he plays tag with some of his friends. When he grows up, he wants to be a professional field hockey player.

The teacher of the week is…


     Mrs. Allgaier has been teaching here for 5 years at VIDA. She started as a long term substitute for Mrs. Gray's class then after awhile she got hired full time. Mrs. Allgaier has taught serval international schools in Shanghai for six years. Mrs. Allgaier got her masters in Theatre Education from University of Northern Colorado and got her BA in design from  Brigham Young University. When Mrs. Allgaier is not at school she is eating a home cooked meal and watching Netflix with Mr.Brumbaugh! When Mrs. Allgaier was growing up she wanted to be a teacher or a lawyer but when it was time of choosing her career she chose to become a teacher!


Jasmine Alvarez is in the spotlight! Jasmine is a 7th grade student here at Vida. She loves to draw and create art. Jasmine’s inspiration for this beautiful piece of art was a fox. She wanted to make a fun artsy project in her spare time that’s why she made this wonderful drawing. This fox girl took her one hour to draw because it was so detailed and creative. She does many other projects just like this because art is her passion and wants to do it anytime she can.


This week, Parker Hernandez and his “Parmesan” song is trending. On January 22, 2019, Parker uploaded a video to his Instagram account, @im_actually_a_mess of him singing a song about Parmesan. He was in Mr. Van der Linden's class when he made up this song.