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6th Grade Transition



Our school realizes that the transition from elementary school to middle school can be difficult. Middle School is a time of enormous social, physical, and emotional changes for students. Honoring the need for a carefully monitored transition, we have crafted a 6th Grade Transition structure to aid students in this process.

What we specifically do to support you:


6th Grade students all have lunch together. This keeps students in more appropriate developmental settings during the social time of lunch.


PE (Wellness) CLASS

All 6th Graders have their own PE classes. This helps the transition of 6th grade students in several ways. Changing clothes in a locker room can be very intimidating for students who have never done so before. By keeping 6th grade students together when changing in the locker rooms, they are adjusting to this experience with other developmentally similar students. In addition, in their PE classes, by keeping 6th grade students in the same classes, they are better able to acclimate to the Wellness program that we have established for all students.