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Awards & Recogntion

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Recognizing student achievement is very important to us. We insist on building a culture formed around the Core Values, or the GILLS of our school. Students will be recognized quarterly in front of their grade levels. The award recognitions will be scheduled in the beginning of the year, and parents of individual students will be notified of an upcoming award in the event that they would like to attend.

Quarterly Awards will recognize:

"G " - "Grit" to persevere. We never give up.

"I" - "Innovating" through design. We create solutions.

"L" - "Learning" about empathy. We seek to understand the viewpoints of others.

"L " - "Leading" with integrity. We make a positive impact.

"S" - "Sparking" creativity. We honor imagination.

In addition, we will recognize students for excellence in academic achievement via the Principal's Honor Roll.